These are instances where I received "outstanding" or "exceeds expectations" ratings on recent past performance reviews.


"Erika has always had extensive and deep knowledge of the programs and nothing has changed here. Her technical skills are impeccable. “

“Erika has always been a self starter with projects and utilizes the intake system to it's full potential, which is her forte, within the time management/organization skill set. She is willing to stay longer online to see projects through to the end, which has been extremely helpful.”

“Erika has never had issues with project timelines. If too many projects are due at once, she doesn't hesitate to ask for assistance in prioritization.”

"She has always brought a good attitude and unique perspective to the team, and I want to see her succeed."

"Erika is very reliable and always meets deadlines. She's creative and does a great job designing brochures and other marketing materials."
2023  Assistant Director of Graphic Design, Mayer Brown

"Erika is great to work with. I often give her tight deadlines and she has been extremely helpful and responsive to the demanding workload . . . I know our design team has a very demanding job and we really appreciate all that Erika and the team does!"
2023  Business Development Manager, Mayer Brown

"Erika Green has worked with me on the successful completion of numerous design projects over the past year. She is consistently responsive and regularly meets deadlines. She also communicates anticipated timing for completing projects, which is greatly appreciated."
2023 Director of Business Development, Mayer Brown

"Erika steps in to assist with me with my design requests. More importantly she assisted me with the US Open this year and coordinated all the client teams banners in an organized fashion. She responded to all my last minute requests and meet all my deadlines . . . in some cases needed to be handled after hours. She has been in her role for awhile and certainly understands my needs, which I appreciate."
2023  Events Manager, Mayer Brown

"I enjoy working with Erika. She is proactive with making design updates to freshen up brochures as she is making other edits. . . . Erika is careful with edits submitted and double checks her work. She recently updated the design on a PowerPoint presentation that was getting sent to (the managing partner) and in the email the partner sent, he said "our design team did a terrific job on how it is presented."
2023  Business Development Manager, Mayer Brown

"Erika has been a tremendous help to me with regard to my graphic design needs over the years, and, in particular, the current review time period. Whether it's for MB branding-related designs, a slide deck, sponsorship ad or client placemat, Erika is efficient, detail oriented, communicates well through the entire project life-cycle and is creative - she will always provide alternative design options for me. Erika is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to collaborating with her in the future on unique and original design projects for clients."
2023  Director of Business Development, Mayer Brown

"Erika always demonstrates enthusiasm and eagerness to work on design projects. She is experienced enough to pick up projects that come into the system that she recognizes that she has worked on previously which offers continuity to the project. The finance practice has numerous brochures that require maintenance with endless details that need to be updated or changed. One recent example that Erika did a wonderful job on was a project called "The Grid" which took time to create the initial layout. It recently was amended with additional practice information which was pulled from various existing brochures. The lawyers were very pleased with the final result. Erika has helped on numerous PPTs over the year and brochures such as Private Credit, Fund Finance, ABL and Supply Chain Finance . . .  its a pleasure to work with Erika!"
2023  Assistant Director of Business Development, Mayer Brown